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We are excited to welcome four Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus to our parish cluster on August 17, 2018.  

Sisters Mary Joseph, Magdalena, Agnes, and Mary Elizabeth will be moving in to the newly renovated convent at Holy Family Parish in Lincoln Park. 

As diocesan sisters, they bring a feminine consecrated presence to the parish family complementing the diocesan priesthood. Alongside the priests and the lay faithful, the Handmaids seek to build the Kingdom of God in our local Diocese. Echoing Mary’s fiat, the sisters wish to bring her presence to the local Church by imitating Mary, the Mother of God, as handmaid, virgin, bride, and mother.

The most important aspect of their apostolic life in the diocese and parishes is the resounding witness of their consecrated presence, for “what counts most is not what religious do, but who they are as persons consecrated to the Lord” (Essential Elements). Yet their consecration itself implies a mission, which is carried out through apostolic works in the parishes. The Handmaids apostolate could include the following: catechesis/faith formation, youth ministry, family life/marriage preparation, liturgy coordination, liturgical music, sacristy work, domestic care of churches and rectories, visitation of the sick and elderly, and education in Catholic schools.

To learn more about the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus, visit their website at

Support the Handmaids, items can be dropped off at Holy Family Convent or Parish Office:

Food - Fruits, Vegetables, Eggs, Milk, Potatoes, Cheese, Meat