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Last Sunday, many of us gathered at Saint Joseph Church for an opportunity to listen to one another. We shared thoughts and feelings about the merger. Everyone had an opportunity to write, on separate notecards, their “fears, hopes, and ideas.” We read every notecard aloud and people then had a chance to speak and share.

Questions were raised about why the closure is happening. There were some concerns raised, accompanied with expressions of sadness, anger, and frustration. Overall, everyone was able to share and communicate in a very authentic and healthy manner. I was grateful for such honesty and solid input. This type of sincere communication is important for myself and each of the transition team members to hear. We are seeking to understand where our community is at so that we may develop reasonable and helpful plans in moving forward.

There were numerous and varied expressions of “fears, hopes, and ideas.“ Shared topics in each of the three areas included community and feeling welcome, ministries, music, Masses, and Mass times and locations. The transition team is now compiling a document of the “fears, hopes, and ideas” shared at the meeting. Once completed, we will publish these on the cluster website ( Thank you to every one of you who shared with our community on Sunday. I am grateful to each of you for your sharing.

The Transition Team will take time now to process the input, create next steps, and communicate those steps to the community. A key element to our process is continuing moments of dialogue with our community. We are listening; we are taking your input seriously. Various decisions will land on either the transition team, parish and/or finance councils, or myself. We will work collaboratively in this decision-making process.

We journey in charity through a time of paschal mystery, a time of suffering, death, and resurrection. I am very grateful for the charity you have demonstrated to one another. We will walk in love, hope, and faith as a community. Continue to pray for one another and know of my prayers for you. May God bless you and may Jesus Christ be praised.


Parishioners of Saint Joseph Church received letters September 17, 2018 from Bishop Sirba and Fr Ryan about the merger of Saint Joseph parish into Saint Lawrence. The final Mass at Saint Joseph Church will be June 30, 2019. May we journey together through this time of change keeping Christ at the center of our lives and relationships. 

Please see both letters in links below for more information. 

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