Proclaiming, Celebrating, and Living Jesus Christ in Duluth, MN

Need Prayer?

If you are like any other person, a need for prayers is often in your life. 

Right now, you may need prayers for yourself because of a difficult situation or something big coming up in your life. 

You could have a loved one you want others to pray for to help heal, restore, or bring aide to a certain dynamic in their life. 

We are here for you. People have a great gift from God to joyful intercede for others. Don't hesitate to reach out to our parish ministry team.

If you have a specific or general prayer intention on your heart, give one of our prayer chain numbers a call during the day, or email anytime: 

[email protected] or

St. Lawrence Team ~ Pat Reynolds 722-2408 or

                                   Paule Barbeau 722-2259

St. Joseph Team ~Rose Kolasinski 722-8479

Holy Family Team ~ Sue Wick 726-0224