Proclaiming, Celebrating, and Living Jesus Christ in Duluth, MN

Sunday Homework: Who is Jesus?

We live in a society in which we frequently ask, "what can you do/what can you give/what can I get?".  Jesus in the Gospels moves people from the "what" (i.e. Bread, Fish, Wine, Healing) to the deeper question of "who". Who is Jesus? Who am I called to encounter? Who is the person in front of me? The "who" in life is deeper and more meaningful. So, we asked parishioners to reflect on the "who" of Jesus, and not so much the "what" can Jesus give me or do for me. To encounter the person of Jesus Christ is the core of why we are Catholic.  Here are the responses we received:

Who is Jesus? 

- Jesus is: My Everything I prayer for those who don't enjoy that Peace of heart and mind.

- Jesus is the Bread of Life and Jesus is our Lord and Savior

- Jesus is everything to me. He is love, hope and forgiving to all who believe in Him.

- Teacher and role model. He died for our sins. Taught us how to treat each other.

- The one who shares God's love with us to be shared with others.

- Jesus = GOD!

- Someone I want to know better. A spiritual hug right after communion. The Giver of so many gifts. My Counselor.

- God's Son. Someone I talk to. 

- The Son of God. The Bread of Life. The Prince of Peace. The Everlasting Father. King of Kings.

- The one who comes to heal us. In the past he came to walk with us and to show us the good way of living. Now he comes physically during the Mass which connects us to his spirit/energy form.

- My Redeemer the Bread of Life.

- He is my friend. The one who gives me guidance and strength to be and do good. 

- The Redeemer of all mankind. He restored our ability to achieve heaven. He has shown us the way to earn heaven. The Son of God. 

- He is my life....a part of me. Even though I am a sinner, he is my constant companion. He has carried me through dark times and celebrated the joys, the light of my life. 

- Jesus is my master chef. 

- Jesus Christ is all love, all mercy. 

Thanks to everyone who responded!  It provides for great conversation and reflection!  Well done everyone!!!

Fr. Ryan